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CLASP launches new MV&E web resources

Recently launched MV&E web resources from CLASP provide quick and direct access to technical and policy studies, best practices information and economy-specific links and resources.

By Vikki Searancke · IEA 4E ·

The Collaborative Labeling & Appliance Standards Program (CLASP) has recently launched MV&E web resources.  The MV&E resources - including the MV&E Publication Library, MV&E Guidebook, and MV&E Economy Access - provide quick and direct access to technical and policy studies, best practices information, and economy-specific links and resources.

Establishing an effective compliance framework using monitoring, verification and enforcement (MV&E) is critical to safeguarding the credibility of S&L programs and to realising expected energy savings.

Non-compliance with appliance energy efficiency policies results in a loss of anywhere between 10-15% of expected energy savings.  To prevent non-compliance, ensuring that stakeholders are aware of their obligations within S&L programs and the risks of non-compliance is a critical first step.

However, there are often limited guidance and resources on MV&E international best practices available for policymakers and S&L program practitioners.  To this end CLASP developed and recently launched MV&E online resources, which include:

  • MV&E Publication Library: an online compilation of technical studies and other resources - searchable by economy and/or topic - for improving the implementation of MV&E policies, frameworks and activities.

  • MV&E Guidebook: a guidebook on MV&E best practice for appliance standards & labeling provides step-by-step guidance for policymakers and S&L practitioners to design and implement robust and effective MV&E frameworks (available in English and Russian; Chinese edition coming soon!); and

  • MV&E Economy Access: country-specific MV&E information - searchable by economy and/or by topic - that provides practitioners and policymakers quick and direct access to publically available MV&E information around the world.

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