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Residential Air Conditioners Benchmarking Published

Comparative Performance of air conditioners internationally demonstrates value of long-term performance standards

By David Wellington · Mapping & Benchmarking ·

This month saw the publication of the third full Benchmarking report from the Mapping and Benchmarking Annex (see here). The report, on residential air conditioners, primarily draws upon information supplied by Australia, Canada, China, the EU, Republic of Korea and the USA, and brings together the performance data contained in the recently published mapping documents for those countries.


The benchmarking report looks at both unitary (packaged) and split air conditioners sized up to 14kW and makes a range of observations on the differences in performance of these products between countries.  There is also a series of associated issues to note for Policy Makers, including that the leading country in this technology has had robust Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) in place since 2004.  These MEPS have delivered clear efficiency benefits when compared with the other countries in the study.


This benchmarking is one of a series of reports available via the Annex’s website matrix system along with the product definitions, individual country mapping documents and other supporting information.

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