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Policy Guidelines for Motor Driven Units

The 4E EMSA has published the new report "Policy Guidelines for Motor Driven Units - Part 1: Analysis of standards and regulations for pumps, fans and compressors".

By Rita Werle · Electric Motor Systems ·

This is a first report from a major study by 4E EMSA on options for increasing the international alignment of standards and energy efficiency regulations for Motor Driven Units (MDUs).


Focusing on pumps, fans and compressors, this initial report contains a detailed description of existing standards and national regulations covering these products and summaries of their differences.


In Part 2 of this study, an action plan will be formulated for advancing and harmonizing MDU standards and regulations, based on information and data on the differences on a component level and system level, with a focus on how to regulate components and MDUs and how to formulate policies for MDUs in existing and new installations.


Part 2 will be published in September 2017.


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