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Europe goes MEPS

European Ecodesign Regulatory Committee voted on 11 and 27 March 2009 to introduce mandatory standards by 2011 for motors and by 2013 circulator pumps.

By CUB · Electric Motor Systems ·

The EC Ecodesign Regulatory Committee decided on 11 March 2009 on electric motors with 0.75 kW to 375 kW output power to have MEPS


At the meeting of 27 March 2009 MEPS for circulation pumps (glandless standalone and bolier integrated) with 1 W to 2500 W hydraulic power output were decided

  • by 1 January 2013 Energy Efficiency Index EEI of not more than 0.27 and
  • by 1 January 2115 Energy Efficiency Index EEI of not more than 0.23.


According to the EU the joint contribution from these decisions in the EU 27 by 2020 will be per year electricity consumption savings of 158 TWh and an emission reductions of 74 Mt of CO2.

Final adoption of these decisions is planed for June 2009.

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