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EMSA goes EEMODS 2009

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EMSA has a packed agenda at EEMODS in Nantes France: from 14 to 17 September 2009: 

  • Project meeting on 14 September 2009,
  • Testing Centres Workshop on 17 September,
  • 12 presentations at the EEMODS-Conference from 15-16 September 2009 (see table below):


Author (lead) Titel of paper (order of presentation 15 and 16 September 2009)
Conrad U. Brunner Global Motor Systems Network: The International Energy Agency 4E EMSA Project
Sarah Hatch Update on the IEA 4E EMSA Task C: Testing Centres
Sarah Hatch Australia's experience with compliance and check testing
Konstantin Kulterer The Energy Efficient Company Programme in Austria
Sarah Hatch Update on the Asia Pacific Partnership "Harmonization of Test Procedures" - Electric Motors and Motor Systems sub projects
Charles Gaisford Task G - New Motor Technologies for the IEA 4E EMSA project
Conrad U. Brunner Motors with adjustable speed drives: Testing protocol and efficiency standard
Frank Hartkamp Regarding energy management of motor systems. Anectodal evidence and practice from Long Term Agreement
Hugh Falkner Categorising the Efficiency of Industrial Air Compressors
Konstantin Kulterer Energy Management for Austria
Claus M. Hvenegaard Small Changes - Big Savings
Hugh Falkner Results of EuP Lot 11: Pumps and Circulators
Conrad U. Brunner 4E EMSA: Plenary Presentation

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