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4E Annexes

Annexes and Projects are working groups on specific technologies or topics.  Annexes tend to have a broader focus and may comprise a range of tasks that are best suited to issues that require a sustained focus of 3-5 years.   Each Annex has one or more ‘lead country’ that establishes the Annex and invites other 4E members to participate.  Once approved by the ExCo, Annexes appoint an Operating Agent and are run by their participating members who are responsible for agreeing and managing workplans, setting budgets and organising the tasks to be undertaken.  

Projects tend to be shorter-lived than Annexes and typically focus on a single issue.  Projects are funded out of the common 4E fund and therefore require support from all 4E members. 

Since 4E is not primarily a research organisation, both Annexes and Projects are organised around the delivery of outputs that support the development of better policies by member countries.  Any member of 4E can bring forward suggestions and ideas for future activities, and are encouraged to do so.  The ExCo will consider any reasonable proposal, so long as it can demonstrate that it has support from other participants, does not duplicate other activities, has clear deliverables and is viable.

Current 4E Annexes are:

Electric Motor Systems (EMSA)

Solid State Lighting (SSL)

Electronic Devices and Networks (EDNA)