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Workshop · 14 November 2016

Appliance & Equipment Energy Policies for a Connected World - Ottawa, Canada

In collaboration with the Connected Devices Alliance, 4E's Electronic Devices and Networks Annex (EDNA) will host a workshop on 14th November 2016 in Ottawa, Canada.  The aim of the workshop is to examine how energy efficiency standards and labelling policies can evolve with the changing world of device connectivity.

In particular, the workshop will explore how device connectivity can form the basis for "intelligent efficiency" of connected systems, and how standards and labelling polices might stimulate this.  Intelligent Efficiency is defined as the deployment of network-connected ICT technologies to facilitate efficient operation of energy-using equipment, leading to energy savings.

The workshop will be attended by government policy makers from across the globe, as well as industry representatives, NGOs and energy utilities.  The content will not be highly technical, and will allow considerable time for discussion and development of ideas.

The workshop will cover two main themes:

1. Remotely Controllable Devices - the Role of Energy Efficiency Device Policies

The ability to control a device remotely creates opportunities for demand response, but also for intelligent efficiency.  Presentations will be given by government policy makers who are creating standards and labelling policies to encourage device connectivity, for both of these purposes.  There will be considerable discussion of how device policies might best encourage connectivity, whilst being sensitive to an increase in network standby energy.  Also discussed will be the intersection between demand-response and energy efficiency initiatives, and how these may benefit from each other.

The outcomes from a recent EDNA study in this area will also be presented.

2. Device Communications - the Role of Energy Efficiency Device Policies

Network-connected devices need to communicate effectively.  The workshop will examine the role that energy efficiency policies should play in this area.  Various approaches to device communication issues will be discussed (without technical jargon) including matters of "open" communications standards, device interoperability, consumer privacy and the opportunity for "energy aware" devices to communicate information on their own energy use.

Participants must register to attend this workshop using the link provided at the top of this page.

IMPORTANT TRAVEL INFORMATION:  Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) requirement: New entry requirements for visa-exempt foreign nationals compulsory from November 10.  Information is available at the link here.