Task 6 – Energy Harvesting

The Internet of Things (IoT) includes many networked devices which consume energy. Specifically decentralized edge devices, like actuators and sensors often utilise batteries as their energy source. The EDNA report Energy Efficiency of the Internet of Things shows the substantial increase in penetration of IoT devices, including edge devices equipped with batteries.

A battery is a often an inefficient power supply, compared with a mains power supply. Replacement of batteries by energy harvesting technologies seems to be an efficient way to save substantial energy and reduce environmental waste. The goal of the task is to assess and monitor internationally the different energy harvesting technologies for IoT edge devices, and investigate the potential for IoT devices to use energy harvesting technologies.
The task is studying existing & emerging energy harvesting technologies, including their status, future direction and foreseeable hurdles. It will also estimate energy demand of IoT devices in order to predict when energy harvesting technologies might represent a viable energy source for IoT.

The final report was published in July 2018.

A policy brief was also published.

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