Task 2 – Energy Efficiency of the Internet of Things

This Task is a first step to tackle the widespread field of energy efficiency in IoT. It aims to enhance the market and technology knowledge, to prioritize the topics to address, to develop high-level recommendations on policies, and to identify the most important areas for further work. The task has the following objectives:

  • Provide an overview of the structure of IoT and prioritize the categories with the highest energy impact potential based on expected proliferation.
  • Assess energy consumption for prioritized categories based on used technologies and measurements, including analysis of options to reduce energy consumption and impact estimate of this.
  • Develop initial high-level recommendations for policy objectives and measures.
  • Identify the most important topics, which should be investigated in further work.

Publications from this task include a Technical Report and associated Policy Brief as well as a Policy Report.

As an adjunct to this task, EDNA has also published a report regarding the energy used by network-connected audio products.

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