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4E Goals, Scope and Deliverables

1.  Goals and Scope of the 4E Technology Collaboration Programme (4E TCP)

The aim of the 4E TCP is to promote energy efficiency as the key to ensuring safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy systems.

As an international platform for collaboration between governments, the 4E TCP provides policy guidance to its members and other governments concerning energy using equipment and systems.

The 4E TCP prioritises technologies and applications with significant energy consumption and energy saving potential within the residential, commercial and industrial sectors (not including transport).

To meet its aims, the 4E TCP harnesses the expertise of governments, industry, experts and other TCPs for joint research related to the development and deployment of energy efficient equipment.

2.  Deliverables of the 4E Technology Collaboration Programme

To achieve its aims, the 4E TCP will:

Collect data, analyse information, share expertise and pool resources, including:

  • Gather information about the energy consumed by equipment and systems, relevant policies and savings potential from 4E TCP members and other sources.

  • Utilise the combined expertise of 4E TCP members to undertake targeted research and analysis.
  • Co-ordinate with strategically important external organisations and build collaborative networks.

Support and strengthen government policy and regulation, including:

  • Distil technical issues into reputable, evidence-based, policy considerations.
  • Co-ordinate internationally accepted approaches with member governments.
  • Maintain a work program aligned to member government priorities.

Disseminate information to develop greater understanding and promote government actions that encourage the uptake of energy efficient equipment, including:

  • Undertake strategic outreach to inform and influence beyond the 4E TCP, including engagement with the IEA and other TCPs, and relevant international organisations.
  • Exchange and disseminate information to targeted stakeholders from non-member countries and industry.