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4E Electric Motor Systems Annex

Goals of the 4E Motor Systems Annex are to work for harmonization of standards and to promote high-efficiency electric motors in appliances.

Great potential for enhancing Motor Systems efficiency

Major measures for improvement include:

  • Proper motor and equipment sizing according to the required task and load.
  • Improvement of efficiency of driven component (pump, fan, compressor, etc.) and transmission to motor with belts and gears.
  • Use of high efficiency electric motors that reduce losses, run cooler and more stable for an extended period of time.
  • Adapt the motor to the necessary partial load with the use of electronic frequency inverters (adjustable speed drives) or other means.
  • Secure optimal thermal and mechanical efficiency of the total motor system, no unnecessary losses in pipes, ducts, and leaks, etc. Thermal and mechanical energy recuperation in special systems.
  • Secure optimally continuous and balanced power and voltage provision and frequency stability.

Although motors are traded globally, market barriers for efficient motors and other components exist due to varying grid frequency (60Hz and 50Hz), not aligned testing standards and different marking schemes, higher upfront capital investment and split incentives for purchasers and users.

Engineering lacks a common understanding of viewing the total motor system and its life cycle cost as target for optimization.

Mandatory minimum energy performance standards MEPS are considered (after ample experience in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) to be the most effective political instrument to move the motor market rapidly and successfully up to high market shares of efficient motors and other systems components.

Electric Motor Systems Annex

4E Motor Systems Annex

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