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4E Annex Contacts

Contact information for the 4E Annexes.

Mapping and Benchmarking

Operating Agent
Stuart Jeffcott

4E Representative of UK (Leading Country)
Mike Walker

See Mapping and Benchmarking site

Standby Power

Operating Agent
Melissa Damnics

4E Representative of Australia (Leading Country)
Shane Holt
Department of Industry

See Standby Power Annex site

Motor Systems

Operating Agent
Conrad U. Brunner
A+B International
Gessnerallee 38a, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland

tel +41 44 226 30 70, Email:

4E Representative of Switzerland (Leading Country)
Roland Brüniger
Swiss Federal Office of Energie c/o R. Brüniger AG, Engineering & Consulting
Zwillikerstr. 8, CH-8913 Ottenbach, Switzerland
Tel: +41 44 760 00 66 Email:

See Motor Systems Annex site

Solid State Lighting

Operating Agent
Nils Borg
Borg & Co AB
Sveavagen 98, 4 tr
113 50 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: + 46 8 673 11 30  Email:

4E Chair of Sweden (Leading Country)
Peter Bennich
The Swedish Energy Agency
Box 380 69
S-100 64 Stockholm

Tel: +46 16 544 2246  Email:

See Solid State Lighting Annex site