IEA 4E Mapping & Benchmarking Electric Motor Systems Solid State Lighting Standby Power Electronic Devices & Networks

4E Organisation

The 4E is an Impementing Agreement within the IEA Framework for International Energy Technology Co-operation.

Executive Committee

The 4E Executive Committee is responsible for managing and leading the work of the Implementing Agreements, organising meeting and workshops, participating in international co-operation, collecting information and disseminating knowledge, best practice and innovative policies reagarding energy efficient electrical technology.

The Executive Committee elects a chairperson and one or more vice chairpersons for a period of two years. The chairperson and vice chairpersons can be re-elected. Each contracting party appoints a representative and an alternate representative. Also an operating agent will be appointed for the Executive Committee.

4E Annexes

Research projects are established in the form of Implementing Agreement Annexes. An operating agent is appointed for each of the annexes. In November 2007, the Interim Executive Committee agreed to establish four initial Annexes. A number of future annexes has been proposed.

Implementing Agreement Contacts

4E ExCo Chair

Mike Walker

IEA Secretariat

John Dulac

Operating Agent

Mark Ellis